My mission is to help you clear and improve all the visible and invisible physical and mental obstacles in your life that inevitably slow down the process and evolution of your being.

With more than 10 years’ experience studying many different holistic techniques and applying these concepts worldwide, I have achieved the confidence in my expertise to offer you a wide range of variable and individual solutions to approach any issue you may have.

Some like to call me a ‘healer’; others suggest the title of ‘therapist’. In my honest opinion, I am just a regular person who happens to have a distinctively high extrasensory perception; therefore I endeavour to do what I love and what I am truly passionate about. If you allow me, together we will experience a beautiful journey of healing, self -awareness and self-knowledge.  Understandably of course, I cannot walk beside you for the entirety of your journey, for the decisions and paths of what to do next belong only to you. However, at some point in our lives we all need a little help, encouragement, understanding and guidance.

I aim to support and assist you with my therapies so that you have the appropriate inner clarity to find and conquer the mental, physical and spiritual peace that is what I call a true state of ‘happiness’.