Chi Nei Tsang

CNT therapy comes from the traditional Chinese medicine which is based on the manipulation of the organs in the abdominal region.

By using different techniques to massage the abdominal area, each organ will release accumulated toxins from various ‘poisonous’ sources such as unhealthy processed food, medicaments and/or years of blocked ‘toxic’ emotions. All that toxic emotional accumulation stresses out  every cell in our bodies, and could be the reason of many diseases that we end up creating.

This therapy can be extremely useful for patients suffering from several digestive problems. Clean organs equate to clean health, therefore having good health gives you the clarity to enjoy life.

How many sessions do I need?

There is no limit for any of the therapies listed here. However, depending on the person and the situation, I may recommend you to have a shorter or longer gap between two or more sessions.

chi nei tsang