Mudra healing

My hands are the expresion of pure and healing energy that I channel through my body, they take the form of Mudras and Sacred Geometry spontaneously.

Mudra is an ancient art of India that uses the energy through different gestures of hands and fingers. The term sacred geometry is based on the studie of the universe and nature, that uses geometrical patterns structures found aswell in the human physical and energetic body.

By scanning your body with my hands, I will find where there is any blocked energy such as hidden traumas from your past, negative emotions, feelings like sadness, anger, fear, etc., that affects your present life.

Many times we carry external energies that doesn´t belong to us making us feel heavy, tired and mentallly unbalance. All these consequences slows down our natural development and flow in life.

My roll is to release any obstacle to increase your vibration and reconnect your mind with your heart, and bring the harmony you need to find balance, happines and inner peace.