Shamanic Mudra Healing

Mudra healing helps to release any obstacles in your energy system by increasing your vibration, thus we experience a reconnection to the ‘source’. This healing will bring the harmony you need to find balance, happiness and inner peace.

My hands are the expression of pure healing energy that I channel through my body, taking the form of Mudras and Sacred Geometry spontaneously.

Mudras is an ancient art or ritual from India that channels universal energy through different postures of the hands and fingers.

The term Sacred Geometry is based on the study of the universe and nature using geometrical patterns and structures that are also found in the physical human body.

By ‘scanning’ your body with my hands, I will locate any blocked energy which can be caused by many contributing factors ranging from past trauma, toxic emotions or lifestyle and nutrition. In many cases we are carrying external energies that simply do not belong to us which make us feel heavy, tired and mentally unbalanced. Consequently these slow down our natural development and ‘flow’ in life.

Mudra healing is applied in three stages:

The first stage is a ‘cleaning’ of your Aura (also known as the energetic field of the body) using the vibrational healing energy of my hands. Secondly, I will adopt different Mudra poses with my fingers to channel the right energy for each and every one of your Chakras. To conclude our session, we will re-establish the harmony in the physical, mental, emotional and astral body using sacred geometry.