Method & Holistic

Holistic means to see a living being as a whole.

A combination of factors and techniques that allow to treat successfully every part as whole, is a method.

The perfect “happy” therapy does not exist. What is good for you maybe for another it is not, and viceversa. This is why I believe that if I am able to give the best therapies that affect positively to every part of our health which are; the mind, the body and the energy system, the chances of having a wellbeing balance are definitely a lot higher than to only treat with a single therapy.

Metholistic is a program based on my bespoke holistic therapies adapted to your everyday life.

Does not matter if you live in a city because we can work together between your free choosen time, and also you can enjoy a private or any of my international retreats.

metholistic moment

Mudra healing     Saki massage      Chi nei tsang      The art of breathing    Meditation