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     ‘easy, personal and exclusive’



No matter where you may reside in this world, based in my 4 programs I can structure a tailor made personal retreat factoring in your location and work/lifestyle schedule.
In fact many of my clients fly me to to their said country to experience my healing practices in the comfort of their own home.

We may spend as many days as you wish, although the recommended time is usually 3 to 7 days. Together, we will find the way to make it easy and comfortable for you

Holistic Therapies


In-Joy program is an awakening experience for women to explore and discover their potential and awareness to heal or improve their own lives and sexuality through different advance holistic therapies .

WHY?  What is the real and pure meaning of sexuality for you? How deep do you know yourself? Since thousands of years our sexuality has been repressed by the fears of men, religions and politics. We forgot about the inner power of our sexual energy and how to use it in order to have a better relationship with life and to others.
Many traumas and blockages have limited our experience in life regarding our sexuality.
Now, is the time to awake that energy, to remember who we really are, to heal the deep wounds and reborn with a new consciousness.

Holistic Therapies


Metholistic Program has been specifically created to achieve the full alignment and balance between the different bodies of each person, which are; the physical , the mental, the emotional & energetic.

WHY?  Honestly, we both know that only with a single massage, or a meditation or Yoga class, is not enough to find yourself in complete balance. Only when the the tensions of the physical body are gone, your internal organs work properly, your mind is relax, and the emotions are in peace, then we can say that you are in perfect equilibrium.

And this is what Metholistic program does. Work on each of the bodies finding that balance. Massage, detox of internal organs, energy healing, meditation, yoga, breathing, life guidance and more, are the key…

Holistic Therapies


Fertility Program probably is one of the most important programs I do. Combining different natural types of therapy such as Couching, sexual guidance, Mayan fertility massage, CNT, acupuncture and many more, we are offering an alternative option to increase the possibility of becoming pregnant.

WHY?  After many years travelling around the world I have observed how important and frustrating is for many couples to become pregnant. Assisted reproduction methods most of the time are not a guarantee that it will happen, and also the cost of all of these invasive methods are very expensive.

I strongly believe stress and the lack of right guidance are the main factors of why it is not happening, apart from many other reasons. With this program you and if you wish your partner will discover many new tool to enjoy this beautiful process.

Holistic Therapies

Family & Friends 

We can help you organise a small group with family or friends and we can customise and coordinate the perfect retreat with sessions for everyone.

This program can last from 3 to 9 days depending on which therapies you would like to do or combine.

Contact me and we can discuss the possibilities that will suit you best.