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I aim to support and assist you with my therapies so that you have the appropriate inner clarity to find and conquer the mental, physical and spiritual peace that is what I call a true state of happiness.

Treatments & Therapies

Saki massage

Over the past 10 years I have personally developed this special signature therapy called Saki massage. It is a combination of the most effective ancient techniques around the world.

In our session I will combine stretches of Thai massage, the acupressure of Shiatsu and Tuina massage, plus the deep and soothing touch of Balinese reflexology which stimulates both brain hemispheres using the Indian head massage technique.

Saki massage is therapeutic, detoxing and relaxing. It is a complete reset of the body working your entire system which inevitably allows you to discard any inner and outer stress your body may be experiencing.

Treatments & Therapies

Chi Nei Tsang

CNT therapy comes from the traditional Chinese medicine which is based on the manipulation of the organs in the abdominal region.

By using different techniques to massage the abdominal area, each organ will release accumulated toxins from various ‘poisonous’ sources such as unhealthy processed food, medicaments and/or years of blocked ‘toxic’ emotions. All that toxic emotional accumulation stresses out  every cell in our bodies, and could be the reason of many diseases that we end up creating.

This therapy can be extremely useful for patients suffering from several digestive problems. Clean organs equate to clean health, therefore having good health gives you the clarity to enjoy life.

How many sessions do I need?

There is no limit for any of the therapies listed here. However, depending on the person and the situation, I may recommend you to have a shorter or longer gap between two or more sessions.

Treatments & Therapies

Shamanic Mudra Healing

Mudra healing helps to release any obstacles in your energy system by increasing your vibration, thus we experience a re-connection to the ‘source’. This healing will bring the harmony you need to find balance, happiness and inner peace.

My hands are the expression of pure healing energy that I channel through my body, taking the form of Mudras and Sacred Geometry spontaneously.

Mudras is an ancient art or ritual from India that channels universal energy through different postures of the hands and fingers.

The term Sacred Geometry is based on the study of the universe and nature using geometrical patterns and structures that are also found in the physical human body.

By ‘scanning’ your body with my hands, I will locate any blocked energy which can be caused by many contributing factors ranging from past trauma, toxic emotions or lifestyle and nutrition. In many cases we are carrying external energies that simply do not belong to us which make us feel heavy, tired and mentally unbalanced. Consequently these slow down our natural development and ‘flow’ in life.

Mudra healing is applied in three stages:

The first stage is a ‘cleaning’ of your Aura (also known as the energetic field of the body) using the vibrational healing energy of my hands. Secondly, I will adopt different Mudra poses with my fingers to channel the right energy for each and every one of your Chakras. To conclude our session, we will re-establish the harmony in the physical, mental, emotional and astral body using sacred geometry.

Treatments & Therapies


Acupuncture for pain involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. It is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine.

This type of acupuncture produces an immediate relief of any kind of pain, and also helps the body to have a faster recovery of any trauma.

Treatments & Therapies

The Art of Breathing

With the combination of different Pranayama and breathing method exercises, I will help you to oxygenate the whole body. This will positively affect both brain hemispheres and clean the entire body system by transforming any acid environments in your cells to an alkaline environment. This is extremely beneficial to detox and prevent many of the modern disorders such as insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

Breathe better to live better!

Treatments & Therapies

Life Coaching & Meditation

Most of us are now becoming more aware of the vast positive benefits meditation can have on our mental and physical health. What society once viewed with reservation is now a commonplace practice, recommended by most health practitioners in both the complementary and conventional fields.

Its positive effects include the release of stress, normalizing blood pressure and the endocrine system, alleviating depression and insomnia, plus heightening concentration, focus and creativity.

Bring calm and peace to your mind

Treatments & Therapies

Life Reading

Life reading is based on the Jewish Kabbalah that dates back more than five thousand years.

I use the most important tools of the Kabbalah tradition which are numerology, palm reading and Kabalistic Tarot.

I do not intend to predict your future by ways of a mystic fortune teller; however I can provide information about your personality including your strengths and weaknesses. By calculating the numbers on your birth chart coupled with an analysis of the lines of your palm and Tarot symbology, it will be become much clearer and easier for you to detect repetitive patterns that perhaps run against you in everyday life.

Treatments & Therapies


Yoga has been one of the most powerful tools that I have discovered in my life to balance the body and fluctuations of the mind. I have trained to become a certified Hatha instructor in India hence have adapted my Yoga sessions throughout the years to meet the requirements of each individual. This in turn creates a very unique and personal class. 

Let’s breathe, move and meditate together!