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about me

Born in Barcelona, Spain, and a descendent of a long linage of African Shamans, Isaac discovered his call for service more than 15 years ago, realising that his highly intuitive and extrasensory perception could actually help others to learn how to improve their lifestyle.

His ability to connect with the core of the visible /invisible needs made him a well reputed holistic therapists since years ago, building a large list of loyal followers that request his services around the world.
He has spent years mastering different techniques in their countries of origin, learning close from the source to apply his personal imprint afterwards.
His restless generator spirit makes him always be on the search of new knowledge to improve his skills and make every session special.
As part of his personal fulfilment, Isaac dedicates time to non profit projects aligning himself with a life purpose.

Isaac says…

Some like to call me a ‘healer’; others suggest the title of ‘therapist’. In my honest opinion, I am just a regular person who happens to have a distinctively high extrasensory perception; therefore I endeavour to do what I love and what I am truly passionate about. If you allow me, together we will experience a beautiful journey of healing, self -awareness and self-knowledge.  Understandably of course, I cannot walk beside you for the entirety of your journey, for the decisions and paths of what to do next belong only to you. However, at some point in our lives we all need a little help, encouragement, understanding and guidance.

I aim to support and assist you with my therapies so that you have the appropriate inner clarity to find and conquer the mental, physical and spiritual peace that is what I call a true state of ‘happiness.

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